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Cesena Fashion College, a profession for your future.

Cesena Fashion School is a design institute. The foundation of the institute is due to its current director, Catia Lorenzini (learn more). The objective of the school is focused on professional training for stylists, model designers and fashion designers. Above all, it focuses on the techniques of Made in Italy. It is equally important for the institution that students want to innovate to revolutionize the world of tomorrow.

In fact, Cesena Fashion School has an excellent method, as it relies on the prestigious Institute in Milan (learn more).

Since 1960 the mother school has operated in fashion and has, specifically, 26 locations around the world. It is equally important to note that it also has several award and recognitions.

cesena fashion school
Cesena Fashion School


Cesena Fashion School – Fashion film

cesena fashion school
Cesena Fashion School

International Students

Cesena Fashion School – Sep 2021

Creativity and integration, Made in Italy.

During the pandemic, the number of enrolled students increased. Although the school has always offered virtual support for its classes, it has decided to go further. Thus, we expect to launch the educational online platform next semester. The courses for model maker, fashion design, stylist, Cad-Cam Assyst operator and high tailoring, are supported by training internships. Due to the collaboration with several companies and according to students orientation, there are possibilities to work in companies located in Milan and Rome.

To properly complete the training, we offer short courses and apprenticeships in Milan. Where the teachers of the founding Institute instruct the students of the school. To conclude, we also offer opportunities to participate in their fashion shows. The school is always open to receive people of different nationalities. In fact, we have a special program for international students. This program has the support of local authorities.

The various courses proposed by Cesena Fashion School are carried out in Italy, Cesena. After the courses, diplomas and certificates issued by Institute in Milan (learn more).